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Want to sell your car because you want to buy a new and a better one? There has been a lot of instability in the car market and it is important to recognize that the moment you move out in your car out of the showroom your car loses a good amount. It needs a little bit of investigation to find out the market value of your car and to decide a fair value you should get on selling your car.

Factors affecting the sale of used car are:

  • Geographical location of place where you are planning to sell.
  • Policy and regulations of that place.
  • Overall condition of the vehicle

Competition in new car market presents a strong threat to the sale of used cars. Discounts, extended warranties and freebies that come along with new cars tempt car buyers. Manufacturers and dealers have to offer more to the customers due to the rising competition in the new car market. Know the chances about your car's sale survival amid this competition.

The Process:

      1. Drive in to one of our locations throughout the Houston area.
      2. Our staff will inspect your vehicle.
      3. We provide you the most reasonable price and a written offer.
      4. We buy new as well as certain exceptional old models and we also buy vehicles with mechanical problems.
      5. The entire process is fast and you are paid immediately.

Beware of two things if you want to trade in your car at a dealership.

1. High trade in value.
2. Low trade in value.

A dealer will offer a high-trade in value against your vehicle but you pay more when you buy a new car, so the profit you earned is lost here.

If you get a low-trade in value it suggests you are in for a lower price value for the car you want to buy.

You can negotiate this dealer trade-in price but selling the car to us will fetch you a higher priceā€¦.and eliminate this "dance" altogether. Our goal is to make the car buying process quick and painless, to make sure our process is more beneficial to our customers than if they traded their car at a dealership.

If you drive in to one of our Houston area locations, our staff will quickly assess your vehicle and be prepared to give you money in almost no time at all. Feel free to contact us at 281-300-3929 if you have any questions or concerns.

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